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President's Report
October 2018

I’d like to personally welcome 19 new members (see list on page three) that joined NMTA this quarter and thank the nearly 700 members that recently renewed their membership and trust in NMTA. For fun, I looked up NMTA’s 19 oldest members. We have two members – Boat Country and Fisheries Supply – that have maintained continuous membership since 1947, the year NMTA was formed. The other 17 oldest members have been members continuously since the 1950’s.
A time machine would be fun to travel back to the early days of NMTA to find out how the work we do today compares to the work done 60-years ago. As my friend Tony Floor likes to say, it would likely “be the same, but different.” Same would be businesses focused on increasing sales and boating participation, lowering costs, recruiting and retaining employees, complying with all sorts or regulations. Different would be more computers, e-commerce, email, social media and even more regulations and taxes.
For the benefit of all our members – new and old – I’d like to share all the ways new and returning members can connect with NMTA staff, volunteers, other NMTA members and help us fulfill our mission – growing boating in the Northwest.
Let’s get started with our 18th Marina & Boatyard Conference presented by Marine Floats, which will take place October 25-26 at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Washington. Peter Schrappen, NMTA’s Vice-President and Director of Government Affairs organizes this annual event that brings together nearly all the Northwest marina and boatyard owners and staff. Owning and operating a marina or boatyard is no small task because of city, state and federal regulations to comply with. Every year, Peter puts together a “who’s who” list of experts and emerging issues for marinas and boatyards. This year Hillary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands and head of Department of Natural Resources, will be among the speakers. If you would like to register please go to www.nmta.net or contact Peter for more information at peter@nmta.net.
The NMTA Annual Meeting is Wednesday, November 7 from 6-9 p.m., at the Seattle Yacht Club. This is a great night for members to meet with NMTA staff and board members and hear firsthand from me what NMTA has been focused on this past year. Our keynote speaker will be Matt Gruhn, President of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA). MRAA produces the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo every year and manages the Marine Industry Certified Dealership training. The night will include a buffet dinner and presentation of NMTA’s four annual awards. You can register now at www.nmta.net or contact Katie Groseclose for more information at katieg@nmta.net.
Committee Meetings
NMTA direction comes from its members and this is the best place for members to get involved. I attend many meetings outside the NMTA office every month and regularly with people I’ve never met. I know firsthand what it feels like to walk into a meeting room for the first time. I share this perspective to hopefully encourage you to join us at NMTA for your first committee meeting. Presently we have 10 standing committees that meet regularly and recommend activities, policies and direction for the NMTA board and staff. With the exception of the Board of Trustees, Seattle Boat Show and Anacortes Boat Show Committees, all committees are open and members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. Generally, meetings take place at the NMTA office during business hours. Following is an overview of our committees. Our website, www.nmta.net, features a calendar with all the upcoming NMTA meetings and events. You can also contact the staff person responsible for a particular committee for current topics and upcoming meetings.
Government Affairs Committee (GAC)
Staffed by Peter Schrappen (peter@nmta.net) and chaired by member Neil Falkenburg of West Bay Marina, this committee meets the first Thursday of every month at 10 a.m. The GAC typically has a guest speaker each month – often a legislator, regional policy maker or senior staff from a state agency. The GAC establishes NMTA’s legislative priorities on an annual basis for Peter and NMTA’s business lobbyist Cliff Webster. The GAC will meet next on Thursday, November 1.
Political Action Committee (PAC)
Staffed by Peter Schrappen (peter@nmta.net) and chaired by board member Wendell Stroud of Marine Floats, this committee meets as needed in concert with a GAC meeting. The PAC works hand in hand with the GAC so that the non-partisan NMTA can financially support state legislative candidates that support legislation that is helpful to recreational boating and fishing and small businesses.
Marina & Boatyard Committee

Staffed by Peter Schrappen (peter@nmta.net) and chaired by member Brandon Baker of Elliott Bay Marina this committee meets quarterly and currently is working closely with Peter on the National Electric Code for marinas, DNR lease renewals and mitigation points needed for modernizing marina facilities.
Superyacht Committee
Staffed by Peter Schrappen (peter@nmta.net) and chaired by member Dan Wood of Crow’s Nest Yachts this committee focuses on superyacht tax policy and NMTA’s Superyacht Northwest display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
Grow Boating Committee
Staffed by Mark Yuasa (mark@nmta.net) and chaired by board member Joe Cline of 48° North magazine, this committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. The Grow Boating Committee has an annual budget of $135,000 to fund and develop programs and publicity that increase boating and fishing participation. This is done with grants, promotions, event sponsorship and publicity. The Northwest Salmon Derby Series is the best-known of the programs. This is our “laboratory” to try and develop new and innovative ideas to inspire people to buy a boat or use their boat more often.
Fish Committee
Staffed by George Harris (george@nmta.net) and Peter Schrappen (peter@nmta.net) and chaired by Dave Knutzen of member Northwest Marine Technology, the Fish Committee meets as needed to develop policies and direction so NMTA can advocate for improved sport fishing opportunity. Carl Burke is the NMTA sport fishing lobbyist.
Paddling Committee
Staffed by Katie McPhail (katiemc@nmta.net) and supported by enthusiastic paddlers and industry volunteers. This committee meets as needed in the winter and spring to direct staff in the production of the Northwest Paddling Festival held every May at Lake Sammamish State Park. The Paddling Festival features over 60 member and non-member exhibitors for two-days of education and on-water demos of all types of “human powered” craft. Mark your calendars for this year’s show May 10 – 11, 2019.
Boat Show Committee - Seattle
Staffed by Katie McPhail (katiemc@nmta.net) and chaired by member Giuseppe Alvarado of Port of Seattle, this nine-person committee is appointed by the NMTA Board and each member serves a three-year term. Three new committee members are appointed each year. The Seattle Boat Show Committee sets policies, guidelines and approves space allocation for NMTA’s largest event. The committee also reviews budgets, recommends rates and ticket prices and works closely with staff to develop advertising and promotions. Mark your calendars for this year’s show, Jan. 25 – Feb. 2, 2019.
Boat Show Committee - Anacortes
Staffed by Katie McPhail (katiemc@nmta.net) and chaired by member Andy Schwenk of Northwest Rigging. The Anacortes Boat & Yacht Show is co-produced by the NMTA and the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce and has four NMTA appointed and five Anacortes Chamber of Commerce appointed members. The Anacortes Boat Show Committee sets policies, guidelines and approves space allocation for NMTA’s newest event. The committee also reviews budgets, recommends rates and ticket prices and works closely with staff to develop advertising and promotions. Mark your calendars for this year’s show, May 16-19, 2019.
Finance Committee
Staffed by Jennifer Higgins (jennifer@nmta.net) and chaired by NMTA Board Chair Craig Perry of Leschi and Lakewood Marinas. This committee consists of current Board members and meets quarterly to review NMTA’s investments and Investment Policy Statement, NMTA office lease, and work closely with NMTA auditors. The NMTA received its eighteenth consecutive clean audit from Clark-Nuber, CPA in September.
Board of Trustees
Staffed by Katie Groseclose (katieg@nmta.net) and chaired by NMTA Board Chair Craig Perry of Leschi and Lakewood Marinas. NMTA is governed by a member elected 13-member Board of Trustees. Each trustee serves a three-year term with three new trustees elected by the membership every spring. Every March all NMTA voting member contacts receive a self-nomination form to let us know if they are interested in serving on the NMTA Board and appearing on the ballot. The Board Nominating Committee (Board Chair, two current board members, and two at large members) review the self-nominated members and select six to appear on the April ballot. Self-nominated members not selected to appear on the ballot can collect fifteen signatures from voting members to appear on the ballot.
The NMTA is your association and the NMTA office is your club house. I hope to see you soon.

George Harris

NMTA President/CEO
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